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MYRIAD HUMAN RESOURCES & SERVICES INC. Our company was established 12 years ago, in response to the increasing need for cost- effective and excellent in the human resource industry. With wide range of experience in different fields of business, combined with  determination to succeed and a vision for organizational quality management system, We are equipped well to guide the whole organizational to a more effective and systematic implementation of recruitment strategies.  As one of the leading supplier of Filipino workers for various job specifications, the company has shown its expertise and professionalism by deploying nearly 1000 workers to different principals and employers bound to Middle East particularly the kingdom of Saudi Arabia during its entire operations.

With the high caliber in Marketing, our company increased the rates of deployment; thus, strengthening the business relationship with middle east clients that later resulted to extending the network to UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

Today, MYRIAD HUMAN RESOURCE & SERVICES INC. continuously gain trust of our employers and clientele abroad and still continues to deliver service competently and provide qualified Manpower Resources to their respective professions and skills to compete in the global market. Our staff are guided to be competitive, creative, resourceful and dynamic team players.  We trained them and exposed in different areas of recruitment environment where they can enhance their recruitment skills.  Our agency is more organized, more efficient and well-developed in facing the growing challenges and increasing demand in the RECRUITMENT INDUSTRY.  We know that we are blessed enough having loyal, trusted and hard working staff.

We are expert and professional in Recruitment Field.  We do on time deployment, we conduct “after deployment” service, and we provide right people for the right job.


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